Compassionate and Professional


"I had a truly difficult post divorce case and Kerri was an amazing attorney in every way. Neither one of us had any idea how the civil case would turn out and to this day I am in awe of how she protected my rights and fought to defend me and kept on top of the tedious process. She is a clear and brilliant individual and keeps herself informed about the legal trends and options. I was referred to her by chance and found her to be an excellent attorney and to this day stand by that she was the best that I could have found. Having worked closely within the judicial system, I immediately noticed how she took command of a hearing(s). I for once had found an attorney who was on my side and actually cared about my well being and the outcome of the case. Needless to say, I was happy to have her on my side. Overall, I am forever in her gratitude during a difficult time. I only wish I had found her sooner in the process."


August 5, 2017

Attorney Like No Other


"My experience with Kerri has been nothing but positive from the beginning. She has a heart of gold and willing to work hard for her clients. She is a resilient, passionate, and competent attorney that goes the extra mile. I highly recommend Kerri Sigler."


August 4, 2017

Excellent Attorney

"Kerri is a highly knowledgeable and professional attorney. I felt like I could trust her and she was willing to work with me, which was such a relief. She took my case when not a lot of attorneys would.

We won the case and I could not have been happier with the service she provided!!"


January 15, 2015

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